Being Together Guide

The PDC community is committed to and is working towards building a plural, diverse, accessible, harassment-free, and pleasant conference experience with equity in rights for all. We want every participant to have a voice, feel welcome, included, and safe at the conference. For PDC 2022 we are also doing our uptmost to be inclusive of people all around the world, and to reduce the environmental impacts of our global conference, through the PDC Places initiative.

As part of this, for PDC 2022 we produced what we call our “Being Together Guide”, which outlines our commitments to inclusion, diversity and sustainability, as well as how we aim to work together with the hosts of different PDC Places around the world. You can download the Being Together Guide here.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas in regards to our Being Together Guide, please complete this form and one of the General Chairs will get back in touch as soon as possible: