Covid-19 Guidance

If you are traveling to Newcastle upon Tyne from another country there are currently no restrictions on entry to the UK. You are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or evidence of a negative test lateral flow or PCR test. Check the latest guidance here.

Masks are recommended for public transport and some public buildings, but social distancing rules are no longer in place.

We are, however, keen to ensure people feel safe if attending the Conference in person. We have therefore chosen a mixture of indoor and outdoor venues for the Conference with lots more space to allow for social distancing. The Urban Sciences Building has a good ventilation system with fresh air circulating throughout the building and outdoor seating options between the different buildings. Events at Shieldfield Art Works and Northumbria University are also a mix of indoors and outdoors with lots of space to circulate and distance. We recommend mask wearing if you feel particularly vulnerable and at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Many of our events in Newcastle will be hybrid so if you do decide to attend in-person but want to access sessions from a laptop, mobile or tablet outdoors, this will be fine (although Newcastle summers can be variable so you may need a coat and an umbrella!).

We will provide local contacts in case of health and Covid-19 emergencies for participants on arrival.