PDC Places

PDC is committed to embracing plurality and improving inclusivity, diversity and equitable participation within our community. We are also motivated to decrease the conference’s carbon footprint attributed to air travel, decentralising conference ownership and fostering local and international connectedness – especially in a time of a global pandemic that places great uncertainty around international travel and our ability to spend time physically together at a conference.

Consequently, while PDC will run an in-person conference event in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom between 30th August – 1st September 2022 (COVID-19 permitting), it will interface with a number of international “PDC Places” – smaller in-person events and activities running in different locations around the world – with each Place shaped and organised by local PD researchers and practitioners.

PDC Places
We currently have 16 PDC Places that will be running activities:

Athens PDC Place
Australia PDC Place
Brazil PDC Place
East Africa PDC Place
Germany PDC Place
India PDC Place
Ireland PDC Place
Malaysia PDC Place
Mexico PDC Place
Nordic PDC Place
North America PDC Place
Patio International PDC Place
Portugal PDC Place
Puerto Rico PDC Place
Tāmaki Makaurau PDC Place
Turkey PDC Place

Visit each of the PDC Places’ page to learn more about what they have in store.

The aims of PDC Places

We use the term ‘places’ loosely as we are eager to explore and support diverse configurations of PDC Places that are reflective of how local communities want to come together. Indeed, PDC Places may be in the form of a mini-conference or small event within a region that acts as a physical meeting place for researchers within the region.

PDC Places should aim to:

• Enhance diversity and inclusion by fostering participation from researchers and practitioners who could not have participated in PDC otherwise.

• Shape a local event programme and activities that reflect a local communities’ interests and that interplays with the wider PDC programme, including global online events that will occur before and after the main conference week.

• Strengthen relationships by fostering North-South and South-South connectedness and engagement.

Guided by the aforementioned aims, as well as the aims of the local initiatives we aspire for spaces to transform into connected places for knowledge generation, making and collaboration.

Will there be registration fees for PDC Places?

We are still working with potential PDC Places hosts to determine local registration fees, as well as the overall fees for participating in the wider conference.

However, at the moment, we envision that all PDC participants (at any PDC Place) will pay an online registration fee for the whole conference (fees will depend on which country you live e.g. fees will vary for LDCs, LMICs, UMICs based on the OECD listing, and students will also pay less than those employed at an institution). This will give access to online talks, participation in live Q&A sessions, video content, panel discussions, demonstrations, synchronous on-line networking and social events, and a PDF of all published papers via the proceedings.

To enable the running and hosting of each PDC Places, an additional place registration fee may be applicable to cover costs of local activities. Organisers of PDC Places are responsible for managing their own budget to cover the costs of their local activities; however, we expect these to be highly affordable events in the context of the geographical community they are serving.

Interested in hosting a PDC Place, or finding out if one may be near you?

Individual PDC Places are still in the process of developing their own plans and the Places chairs are talking to additional potential hosts. We hope to be able to confirm the full PDC Places programme for 2022 by the end of 2021. If you would like to host a PDC Place, please contact us.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Reem Talhouk and Andy Dearden placeschairs@pdc2022.org.