Brazil PDC Place


Online multilingual discussions at Zoom

A Post-conference event that will be planned collaboratively before and during the conference. 14 and 15th September, 2022 – 15h-18h30 (time zone: GMT-3)

Four online sessions (1h30 each) addressing the most heated and controversial questions/topics that arise during PDC2022, adopting a decolonial perspective pushed by our position as researchers and practitioners from the South: What does Participatory Design mean in Brazil? What shapes does it take in our situated practices? How does it reverberate in the studies and practices of our community? How can we operationalize them locally? How can we turn this into a knowledge of Participatory Design? What relevance do problems faced in PD by global north (understood in terms of social, economic, political and cultural modes, not merely physical geography) have in our daily practices? How to overcome and promote a design of our own?

Our team plans to analyze abstracts and participate in the leading conference to curate the main topics. With these topics in hand, we invite our community for a remote and synchronous discussion about them and other issues related to participatory design that interest our location. We take the opportunity to open the debate to worldwide perspectives as well.

Our main motivation in organizing the event is to expand discussions that emerge as “heated topics” at the leading conference, promoting space to develop them. In this movement, we also encourage the expansion of networking between communities of designers. By focusing on these heated topics (emerging themes of PD as a whole), we intended to relate them to what the Brazilian community has as a problematic discussion scenario.

Ana Maria Copetti Maccagnan, UNISINOS (master – alumni),
Marcelo Vianna Batista, UNISINOS (PhD candidate),
Guilherme Englert Corrêa Meyer, UNISINOS (professor), 
Melissa Lesnovski, UNISINOS (PhD candidate),
Fernanda Galvão Sklovsky, UNISINOS (master student),
Organisers belong to the Experimental Practices Group at UNISINOS, which will inspire the way we will be leading this activity.

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
CuratorshipPre and During Newcastle eventOur team will analyze abstracts of submitted work and participate in the event, listing the main topics.
Session 1 & 214 SeptemberOpen discussions about an exploratory topic (from 3pm to 6h30pm BRT = UTC-3)
Session 3 & 415 SeptemberOpen discussions about an exploratory topic (from 3pm to 6h30pm BRT = UTC-3)