East Africa PDC Place

Events will be hosted by the School of Computing and Informatics Technology at Makerere University, Kampala with face to face events happening both at Makerere and in Nairobi.

Two face to face events are planned (one in Kampala, one in Nairobi) in the pre-conference period. On-line events are planned during the conference and in the post-conference period.

Nairobi is noted as a centre of ICT activity on the continent due to the number of tech universities, start-ups, venture capital funds and tech organisations. Kampala is a converging point for many organisations (NGOs, Civil society, Institutions and Innovation hubs) using different participatory approaches to introduce and use technologies.

Kagonya Awori kagonyaawori@microsoft.com
Rehema Baguma rbaguma@cit.ac.ug
Fiona Ssozi fiona.ssozi@mak.ac.ug

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Local Workshops and PresentationsPre-conferenceTwo Face to Face and Hybrid events (1 in Nairobi, 1 in Kampala) will be held to provide: 
A showcase for local designers and builders where they can share prototypes, research and designs.
Presentations on overarching topics that affect all the places eg Ethics, Indigenous research, Culture and tech etc,
Panels or Guest expert speakers from industry
Online discussionPre-conferenceTwitter, Telegram or Zoom Live sessions of the above
Online discussionPre and DuringA time bound WhatsApp space where we will plug in rural elders to engage with attendees from other Places
Online sessionsPost-conferenceZoom sessions on select topics led by different speakers.