Patio International


Mexico City, Mexico
Gaia, Portugal
Curitiba, Brazil
Berlin, Germany

August 3rd: internal kickout (online)
August 10th: introduction to Patio (online)
August 17th: distributed meetings (onsite)
August 24th: Patio workshop (onsite + online)
August 31st: showcase results  (online)

We see design as a third space where new meaning is created and by doing so, we extend collaborative and creative bridges that allow for new values, meanings, and relationships to emerge. Previous to the workshop, we will discuss communality in terms of its online/onsite implications by contrasting case studies in different countries, key concepts and open questions. The day of the workshop we will facilitate a creative session where participants will create a “3D collage” inspired by the different materials and techniques brought by the participants; these collages will then be digitized, presented and discussed.

Assol Hernández Uribe
Diego Alatorre Guzmán
Francisca Lucas
Ibis Lucero 
Jana Hortian 
Natalia Grein
Zoë Rush

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Internal kickoutAugust 3rdOnline meeting: present case studies, identify key concepts, discuss them and come up with interesting questions regarding why we want to explore about commonality
Introduction to PatioAugust 10thOnline meeting: present the workshop structure to the participants.
Distributed meetingsAugust 17thOnsite parallel meetings: bring a negotiable object / raw material / tool you like to work with and share your knowledge about it with.
Patio workshopAugust 24thOnsite + online workshop: work in blended teams to discuss the extent by which these objects, materials and tools are accessible, easy to use, and open for transformation.
Showcase resultsAugust 31stOnline meeting: present the most remarkable works from each team.