Germany PDC Place

Lüneburg, Germany
Leuphana University
Institute of Urban and Cultural Area Research (IFSK)

Pre-Conference: April – July

Based at the Institute for Urban and Cultural Area Research (IFSK) at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany, the PDC Place will be launched in the pre-conference period. The idea is to coordinate the local seminar »Participatory Design in Cities« for students to share their PD experiences and projects related to PD in urban planning. Using the infrastructure and facilities of the Leuphana University the seminar will be held at the campus. Guest lectures by project partners and joint discussions will invite students to reflect on the role of urban actors and to engage with the relationship between theoretical and urban practice. The aim is to foster interdisciplinary exchange by supporting students as qualified researchers while bringing local aspects and a wider conversation to the PDC conference.

Luisa Hilmer
Ursula Kirschner

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Guest lecture
by Norbert Nähr 
– Project “Füreinander Schanze”
(live event)
Pre-ConferenceThe talk by Norbert Nähr will be held during the seminar »Participatory Design in Cities« taking place between April – July 2022. Norbert Nähr is the founder of Superurban ( and will talk about the project “Füreinander Schanze” in Hamburg.
Guest lecture by Sara Reimann – Project “Zukunftsstadt Lüneburg” 
(live event)
Pre-ConferenceThe talk by Sara Reimann will be held during the seminar »Participatory Design in Cities« taking place between April – July 2022. Sara Reimann is the project manager of the “Zukunftsstadt Lüneburg” ( and will talk about her experience with local initiatives in Lüneburg.
Presentation of Participatory Design projects based in Germany (live event)Pre-ConferenceThe session will be held at Leuphana University and will consist of: presentations and Q&A by seminar attendees. 
All students, the university community and project partners will be invited to attend.