India PDC Place

The National Institute of Design (NID) campus in the cities of Ahmedabad and Bengaluru will host the PDC places, India

Activities during the conference in August 2022
Post-conference activities in September 2022

We propose an internal introspection as well as creating an external dialogue on Participatory Design which leads to mapping of the landscape of PDC in India taking into account the pedagogy, practice and alternative histories of the two within the Indian subcontinent. Looking at an increased contribution to PDC from the Indian subcontinent in the future.

We want to configure the PDC place India, through unconference, with an informal exchange of information and ideas. Done in a flexible and decentralised manner for it to be more accessible. Using Posters / Exhibitions for co-located and online discussions, supported with informal roundtables to open discussions with design students and practitioners who support or would like to know more about practicing Participatory Design.

Praveen Nahar
Tanishka Kachru 
Sucharita Beniwal 
Simran Chopra

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
CFP for Poster sessionJune 2022Call for poster presentations based on themes of PDC 2022. Open to students, academics and practitioners in South Asia.
Exhibition of PostersOpen 31 AugustAccommodate during coffee breaks to allow live interactions with authors.
What is Participatory Design in our communities?1-2 September 2022Curated panel discussions of PD in the Indian context on ways in which participatory design takes place in our communities.