Mexico PDC Place

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Morelia, Mexico City & Oaxaca (online and face-to-face)

Pre-conference activities: March to August 2022
Conference activities: September 2022
Post-conference activities: October 2022

Mexico does not really have an old Participatory Design tradition and we see in PDC an opportunity to find out new ways to solve old problems. In the last few decades, quite a lot of national and international (public and private) proposals came out in different estates and towns of Mexico.

Our motivation is to find our own “style of knowing and doing” (Otto and Smith, 2013:10), to reflect about participation and design in the South Global and to reflect on South-North Global, specifically, in the context of Mexico and our relationship with the continental north (USA-Canada). We want to think on the line between local and global; individual and collective; innovation and tradition.

We also want to approach these relationships from a rhizomatic perspective that understands different categories, disciplines and actors as an acentric constellation. This is why our program focuses more on the relationship that design establishes with other fields, such as crafts, art, science and social activism, than on the discipline of design and its conventional boundaries.

Mercedes Martínez González 
Diego Alatorre Guzmán
Chantal Garduño Israde
Maxime Dossin 
Juan Carlos Ortíz Nicolas
Miguel de Paz Ramírez
Mario Moreno Rocha 
Fernando García García
Claudia Garduño
Carlos Alberto Martínez Sandoval

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
The process behind co-creationPre-conferenceAttendants will collectively design methods for approaching different communities in Mexico that are engaged in the process of growing, making, eating and drinking cacao.
Panel “Materials and participatory context between Mexico and USA”Pre-conferenceIn this panel we will explore the permeability of ideas between two neighboring countries, where the rigid geographical borders are erased by giving way to different creative projects that lead us to a radical contamination of ideas.
The results after co-creationConferenceCollective exhibition of the findings after identifying and understanding their cacao cosmogonies.
PatioConference2-3 sessions where participants will meet, discuss and come up with prototypes. During the final session, teams in different parts of the world will meet and play with each other’s prototypes and generate insightful feedback.
Analysis and resultsPost-conferenceParticipants and students will share reflections and analysis.