North America PDC Place

Co-located at Detroit, Michigan and Stamps School of Art and Design building in Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Kentucky campus, Lexington and the University of Toronto, Toronto.

August, 2022. Activities pre-, during- and post- the Newcastle meeting

Exhibition on Detroit research is an event planned by Deepa Butoliya at UMich and we are hoping to coincide the event with events from PDC as a PDC place. The exhibition will also have a symposium with workshops and panels spread across the two locations. We will host workshops based on PD concepts.

At Lexington, we would invite researchers working in the field of Participatory Action Research and Participatory Design to engage with the exhibition in Detroit and the accepted work at PDC.
We will accommodate virtual and in-person participation.

Deepa Butoliya
Firaz Peer
Beth Coleman
Priyank Chandra
Cansu Ekmekcioglu
Adrian Petterson

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Exhibition on critical Jugaad in DetroitPre/during/postLocal design and non-design communities will engage in the exhibition about DIY/Jugaad practices from Detroit
Introductions to PDCPreParticipants will be invited to indicate which papers, topics, exhibits or events they would like to engage with at the PDC conference.
WorkshopsPre/postParticipants engage with making futures in the context of the theme and contents of the exhibition and participatory design
PresentationsDuringParticipants present their own research.
Round table/ PanelPostNorth American community discusses the event and what participatory design is in North America.How do we foster this partnership and develop this further?