Nordic PDC Place


Copenhagen, Denmark; Malmö, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland

Post-conference activities in September 2022

By organizing local events with local communities and organisations, we will introduce them to PD more globally. Likewise, by bringing them into activities related to PDC, which is generally more targeted at researchers and practitioners, we hope to contribute to opening up PDC to local actors.

We will engage with the local communities that are currently collaborating with local libraries. In so doing we will take the main conference theme of embracing cosmologies as a point of departure. We also aim to shape our activities in accordance with theoretical, methodological and practical contributions that emerge from the conference. We also intend to organize activities across libraries with a purpose to reflect on the similarities, differences and peculiarities of the different sites.

Researchers, practitioners and other local actors will be invited to participate.

Amalia de Götzen
Joanna Saad-Sulonen
Jörn Christiansson

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
WorkshopPost-conferenceAcademics, practitioners and local communities will work in groups to discuss a selected topic from the PDC Conference and will discuss ways in which participatory design takes place in their community.