Portugal PDC Place


Lisbon, Portugal
Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (FA-UL)
IADE – Universidade Europeia
(face-to-face and online)

Post conference, November 2022

Portugal PDC Place brings together researchers, students, and professionals in the field of Design and aims to carry out activities related to Participatory Design currently being developed in the country, both in academia and enterprise space.

The main goal will be to share an overview of Participatory Design practices in Portugal, seeking to disseminate and promote this way of making Design. Although increasingly present in master and doctoral research projects and professional practices, it is still emerging in these contexts.

Portugal PDC Place will take place post-conference and in three moments:

1. At first, it will present an online session to present Participatory Design projects developed in academia and business.

2. In a second moment, PDC Place participants will experiment with Participatory Design tools through hands-on workshops related to ongoing PhD design research themes. These PhD students will guide the workshops, open to the participation of undergraduate and master’s students.

3. A third moment will represent the conclusion of the PDC Place by promoting a debate between participants of the Portugal PDC Place and participants of the PDC Conference on the main topics that emerged during both events.

Ana Melo amelo2@edu.ulisboa.pt 
Camila Andrade camila@ifma.edu.br
Inês Antunes inesp.antunes@gmail.com 

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Presentation of Participatory Design projects conducted in Portugal (online live stream session + plus live event)Post-ConferenceThe session will be held at 
Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (FA-UL) and should consist of: Presentations, Panel Discussion and Q&A. All design students and professors will be invited to attend.
Participatory Design Workshops contextualized by research conducted by PhD students at FA-UL (held at FA-UL)

1. Co-creation session A (resp. Ana Melo)
2. Co-creation session B (resp. Camila Andrade)
Post-ConferenceThe workshops will have the participation of undergraduate and master’s FA-UL design students. The themes will involve various local communities that will be invited to participate and engage in Participatory Design activities with students.
Participatory Design Workshop held at IADE- Universidade Europeia
3. Co-creation session C  (resp. Inês Antunes)
Post-ConferenceThe workshops will have the participation of undergraduate and master’s IADE-Universidade Europeia design students.
Discussion about main topics emerging during PDC Conference and Portugal PDC Place (online live stream session)Post-ConferenceThe session will have the format of a moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A interaction with the audience.