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Pre-conference activities 4-23 July

PDC PLACES PUERTO RICO- CONTRAnarratives: Social Assemblages is done with the purpose of sentipensar (Escobar, 2014) and making processes visible from the Antilles, understanding how they are generated and developed, knowing the obstacles they face, finding common ground, and establishing ties of collaboration.

We propose a poetic infrastructure (Larkin, 2013) between the Antilles that allows exchange about space to strengthen our community of practitioners.

COUNTERnarratives: Social Assemblages is a horizontal and collaborative discussion of knowledge production and dialogue. Our islands, although geographically close, are economically distant from each other due to the cost of travel and political factors. Our design community tends to look to the global North for peer communication, so our understanding of each other can be spotty, and various factors can disrupt engagement. A Counter-narrative (Giroux, 1996) challenges the exclusionary processes of the status quo and proposes alternatives from a critical perspective that interconnects diverse experiences and knowledge. The COUNTERnarrative that is generated from the activity will be from Caribbean situated knowledge.

Given the historical situation, we are experiencing as islands (climate change and hurricanes, earthquakes, COVID-19, Fiscal Control Boards, assassination of President Jovenel Moise, etc.), it is imperative to reflect on who we are now and who we want to be in the future. How can we help each other among the Antilles with the idea of ​​emphasizing our roots and our identity through horizontal processes of participation? We need to respond and reflect on: What is our role? How can we emphasize and build on the union with our sister islands?

Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio  y_crespo@g.harvard.edu
Taller Creando Sin Encargos tallercreandosinencargos@gmail.com
Camila Hernández (Diseñadora) camhr12@gmail.com
María de Mater O’Neill mmo@rubberbandpr.com
Omayra Rivera Crespo omayra.rivera.crespo@gmail.com
Irmaris Santiago Rodríguez arqisr.work.art@gmail.com

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Instagram InterventionJuly 4-23 2022Participatory Design in the Antilles asynchronously via Instagram, for three weeks (June 27 to July 18, 2022). Collectives or individuals must publish images with explanatory texts that answer the following questions of their participatory work.

First week- Who am I?

Second week- How did participatory design work in the Caribbean?

Third week- Who did the participatory design work with?
Panel10 AM local time, August 19, 2022Virtual panel will be open to those registered in the Participatory Design Conference.
Working Table1 PM local time,
August 20, 2022
An online meeting where the Caribbean Design Manifesto will be created. The manifesto will aim to make visible decolonial, local and collaborative processes generated from intersectional and anti-racist discourses. The manifesto itself will be the COUNTER-narrative that is proposed from the Caribbean of the Antilles. It will be presented at the PDC2022 conference in Newcastle Upon Tyne.