Turkey PDC Place


Istanbul, Turkey

Pre-conference activities in June-July 2022 (exact dates to be specified soon)
Activities during the PDC2022 conference: 30th August – 1st September 2022

Our PDC Place activities aim at nurturing PD in Istanbul with a focus on invisible intersections. 

Nurturing PD in Istanbul. We are motivated to expand the PD community in Turkey by bringing people together and making connections across the work being done in Istanbul. We would like to contribute to spread and stress PD as an alternative to commonly taken approaches to design and problem-solving in Turkey and initiate a network of people working to promote participation, especially for unprivileged and vulnerable communities. Finally, We would like to create and sustain a network of practitioners and researchers interested in this field and who are already engaged in PD-related activities and could collaborate in PD projects.

A focus on invisible intersections. Our foci areas for the Istanbul PDC Place are (1) Circular economies and (2) underserved groups. Further, we want to exhibit ongoing projects of participation and design focused on improving livelihood, sustainability, and inclusivity in Istanbul. Also, we want to provoke a discussion around people’s involvement in contextually relevant topics of design for our city, which includes diverse, more-than-western perspectives. Lastly, we are interested in connecting with projects and people working with less privileged and

María Laura Ramírez Galleguillos mgalleguillos18@ku.edu.tr
Damla Çay dcay13@ku.edu.tr
Aykut Coşkun aykutcoskun@ku.edu.tr

PDC Place Activities

ActivityWhenActivity Description
Skills workshopsPre-conferenceIn the scope of Pop-Machina we will conduct skills workshops for makers to integrate PD values in their projects
What is Participatory Design in Turkey?DuringAcademics and practitioners will work in groups to discuss perceptions of participatory design in Istanbul and other smaller cities of Turkey through keynotes, followed by a panel composed of practitioners and researchers from Turkey.
Projects ExhibitionDuring PDC2022During the conference, we will have an exhibition of PD projects  in Turkey as well as of the ideas created during the design challenge.