We are pleased to share our draft final programme with timings of sessions. PDC 2022 has an exciting programme of 20 Full Papers, 32 Exploratory Papers, 8 Situated Actions, 16 Workshops. We also have 4 Keynotes from invited speakers, 3 Beyond Academia panels, and 4 sessions where we will hear from the organisers and participants of the PDC Places happening in different locations around the world.

We have provided the draft programme as a spreadsheet, which should support attendees using screen-assisted reading technology. The draft programme spreadsheet can be accessed here. This programme also includes timings for online keynotes and panels and the in-person events taking place in Newcastle at the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle University.

A visual overview of the PDC 2022 programme can also be viewed below:

A visual overview of the draft PDC 2022 programme. A screen readible version is provided further up this page.

In early August 2022 we will be launching the new PDC 2022 website where all content for the conference will be accessible – the information here is therefore a placeholder in advance of the launch of this exciting platform!