Call for Student Volunteers

We’re currently inviting applications from students (at any level) to become members of the Student Volunteer team at PDC 2022.

Student Volunteers (SVs) are essential to making conferences like PDC happen. In return for helping with the conference, SVs receive a number of benefits including:

• Free conference & workshop registration
• Social events with your peers
• Networking opportunities with senior PD researchers

SV duties provide an opportunity for students to interact closely with researchers who are presenting and running sessions at the conference, as well as meeting many conference attendees and other SVs.

Being an SV provides a structured and supportive environment for students a different stages of their career to become part of the PDC community. In the past, students that have taken an SV role have often reported that the people they meet during volunteering are some of the longest lasting relationships through their career, and have opened up new opportunities to apply for jobs and develop new collaborations.

SVs must be undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD students during the 2021-2022 academic year. Students of all backgrounds, regardless of discipline, and from all geographic locations are encouraged to apply. You do not need to have a paper or other type of contribution accepted to the conference to participate. No previous SV experience is required, but we are looking for enthusiastic and reliable people.

How to apply:
If you wish to apply to be an SV, please complete our application form here:

When applying, you will be asked some questions about your prior volunteering experience and your motivations for being an SV. These are not being formally assessed in any way, but help us understand a bit more about the backgrounds, interests and aspirations of potential SVs.

We also ask for preferences in terms of what parts of the PDC 2022 programme you are willing to volunteer at. For PDC 2022, the conference has an online programme, an in-person event in Newcastle, and numerous PDC Place events all around the globe. The application form at this stage is just indicative, and these preferences can be confirmed at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact John Vines: