Video Creation Guidelines for Presenters

We encourage all full and exploratory paper authors to create a pre-recorded video presentation about their papers. Each video will be available before the Conference and during sessions via YouTube and the Conference platform. You are invited to further share and promote your video using #PDC2022.

Feedback from prior conferences has highlighted how pre-recorded videos are a valuable resource for authors, students and the wider community enabling work to be shared in an accessible format beyond the Conference itself. Additionally, due to the hybrid and multi-site setting of PDC2022, creating your video presentation is the best way to share your work with people who may not be able to attend a live session due to time zone differences, work commitments or care responsibilities.

Rather than presenting your work live in the session, your pre-recorded video will be played during your online session alongside other authors’ work. You will be able to answer questions after your presentation has finished.

Videos should be structured to summarise core ideas and arguments rather than presenting the whole paper. Think of your video as an invitation for further discussion. Your video should also inspire and encourage viewers to read your paper in the Conference proceedings.

The guidelines for creating your video presentation for PDC2022, as well as Powerpoint slides templates are available to download here. Please have a careful read through them as they provide guidance to produce your video to the required standard. Below you can find some key highlights:

Creating your content:

— Maximum video length for Full Papers is 15 minutes and for Exploratory Papers is 10 minutes and (as a rough guide count a maximum of 1 minute per slide)

— The video presentation should be a full-screen presentation of the slides, with a picture-in-picture video of the presenter. Alternatively, it can be a full screen of slides with audio of the speaker, or a slides and speaker video side-by-side.

— As this is a short video format, you are only expected to give a snapshot / key take-aways of your paper. You can bring in the most significant elements of your paper and refer back to your paper for aspects you can’t include.

— For accessibility purposes you should also record and / or create a closed caption file for your video.


— Video Format: MP4

— File Size Limit: under 1GB

— Resolution: recommended – 1920×1080, also acceptable –1280 x 720

— Duration Limit: 15 minutes for Full Papers (FP) and 10 minutes for Exploratory Papers (EP)

— File name: Please save the MP4 file and caption file with your Surname, then FirstName, and whether it’s an FP or EP (contained in the subject line of this email): Eg. SmithJohn_EP.mp4

— Send: Zip your MP4 and caption files. Share via your preferred cloud service or WeTransfer. Send to


Please send your video presentation by the end of  15th of July 2022.

We are looking forward to receiving your videos!