Beyond Academia

Beyond Academia @ PDC 2022 – ‘Mistakes, Missteps, and Mishaps’

As in previous PDCs, we aim to attract practitioners from diverse backgrounds to share their perspectives and work in PD and intermingle with the PDC community—from a variety of industries and sectors including non-profits, government, consultancies, small firms, corporations and beyond.

For PDC 2022 we will focus on how practitioners tackle complex problems, emphasizing how they recover from mistakes, missteps and mishaps both big and small.

We plan to invite a diverse range of practitioners to offer their unique perspectives on select topics inspired by the main conference themes. We are particularly committed to ensure a diverse distribution according to geographic location, gender as well as work context (govt, industry, Not-for-profit, etc).

We will have 3 facilitated sessions at the conference, each 45min long, focusing on the following process polarities:
– Anthropocentric vs ecocentric
– Open source vs proprietary
– Making vs breaking rules in social justice

We already reached out to PDC 2022 Places organizers to get suggestions on potential panelists and plan to post an online call on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter) to continue diversifying our pool of panelists, to bring to the PDC community a solid, engaging, rich discussion on the three themes.

Two of our three panels will be conducted online and one in person in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. All panels will be facilitated by one of the three Beyond Academia chairs.

Beyond Academia chairs:

Daria Loi (Fishtail, USA)
Leonardo Parra-Agudelo (Universidad de los Andes, COL)
Raphael Arar (One Project, USA)